JPFL. concluded the acquisition of REXOR SA France through a subsidiary company Jindal France SAS. Founded in 1954, REXOR SA has emerged as a major European player in flexible & luxury packaging films for special applications. The European leader in tear strips and film wrap reports an annual capacity of 4000 tons, along with a revenue about Euro 20 million.

ISO 9002 certified since 1996, REXOR SA, decided to further improve the quality of its products and services. In respect to that, today, REXOR SA possesses high-performance environmentally friendly manufacturing equipment and has mastery over complex polyester/BOPP film coating technologies besides expertise in metallisation, demetallisation and cutting of such films. It considers the customer relationship as an integral part of the quality chain and works closely with its customers to ensure the optimization and further development of their expertise.

The highly qualified engineers at REXOR SA provide technical assistance on every innovative project, through their participation in the research and development of customized products.

Features of REXOR SA today are:

  • Present turnover is Euro 20 million.
  • Enjoys good brand name and technological strength for Coated Films.
  • Only independent producer of security threads for bank notes to combat counterfeiting
  • Only French producer of hot stamping foils & European leader in lamination films.
  • Largest producer of Tear Tape and Film Warp in Europe.